Here are the features currently available on ENERZ®.

Daily Quizzes

The first level is a morning quiz that will ask for the number of hours you have slept. Your sleep impact score is based on several questions pertaining to your feeling on our impact factors—energy, focus and productivity.

Night Quizzes

The second level is an evening quiz that will ask you a variety of questions related to your day. These questions will drive your evening impact score, which will be based upon how your day matched your morning responses.

Get YOUR Results

After each quiz, you will be given a few summary statements to help you understand your sleep and motivate you towards better health. In addition, you will get a few reminders or hints about good health practices.

Nutritional Guidance (Coming Soon)

As you gain access to the third level, you will continue to complete the morning and evening quizzes, but besides a general output, you will be given guidance on how to best structure your caloric and nutritional choices for the day.

Login & Register

Register and Log In for your results to be stored in our secure database.

Statistics Online (Coming Soon)

You will be able to log into our website and see graphs and trends based on your scores from the quizzes.

About Us

The development of this app started in 2013 when Dr. Robert Hesslink, Jr. began to formulate his own plan for better health. During the ensuing years, Robert researched and analyzed hundreds of research papers, white papers, and government strategic plans to better understand how he could improve his health and well-being. The result formed the framework for his book, “Eat Less, Sleep More, and Slow Down.” Available on Amazon.

Building upon this work, Robert enlisted the programming expertise and passion of his son, Harrison, to help him bring this simple vision for better health to the mobile platform. We hope that you enjoy the simplicity of use and experience the power of its message.


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